The Third Punic War

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Whether it was fighting  in a civil war or fighting to expand/defend the Kingdom, Republic, or Empire, Rome rarely rested on its laurels. Previously we’ve brought you Rome: The Punic Wars – The First Punic WarRome: The Punic Wars – The Second Punic War BeginsRome: The Punic Wars – The Second Punic War Rages On, and Rome: The Punic Wars – The Conclusion of the Second Punic War.

Thanks to Jonah Woolley, today the war with Carthage rages on once more as we view The Third Punic War!

Roman Naval Attack on Carthage during The Third Punic War.

The Third Punic War, or Tertium Bellum Punicum, (149–146 BC) was the third and last of the Punic Wars fought between the former Phoenician colony of Carthage and the Roman Republic. The Punic Wars were named because of the Roman name for Carthaginians (Punici).

This war was a much smaller engagement than the 2 previous Punic Wars and focused on Tunisia, mainly on the Siege of Carthage. The siege ultimately resulted in the complete destruction of the city.

Upon the fall of Carthage, their was the annexation of all remaining Carthaginian territory by Rome followed by the death or enslavement of the entire Carthaginian population. The Third Punic War ended Carthage’s independent existence.

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