What Is This?

Maybe you stumbled across this site on accident. Maybe it was on purpose. In any event you’re here. Might as well stay a spell and learn what’s here.

What is Rome Across Europe?

Rome Across Europe is mainly focused on what was the once vast Roman Empire. So basically the area what we know today as Western Europe.

What makes this site special?

Rome Across Europe is going to be a travel site where you can find various ruins or current archaeological dig sites to visit on your trip to the modern cities of what was then part of The Empire. I will also share some ideas about what you can do or see or where to eat after visiting the Roman locations.

Why do these places from an ancient time matter?

The Roman Empire strectched from the Mediterranean Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean on its western border. It encompassed what is now Italy, Vatican City, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. The influence of Rome was felt in the Middle East and North Africa as well. From those countries I’m sure Rome Across Europe can find something or some place interesting.

Is there anything else?

Of course. You can check Rome Across Europe for a brief history on what you will be seeing, and where to look if you want more information.

As I venture out on trips myself, I will have much more to share. Planning of trips. How to get the most out of your Euro. Any secrets about getting better rooms, best ways to travel while in-country, tours, food, drinks, etc. Rome Across Europe is all about having the best trip possible without having to stress over details while venturing around Europe.

If you have a passion for Ancient Rome or are just wanting to have a good time in Europe then Rome Across Europe is for you!

2 thoughts on “What Is This?”

  1. “The influence of Rome was felt in the Middle East and North Africa as well.”

    No offense, but that’s completely wrong. The Roman Empire also encompassed ALL of North Africa and vast parts of the Middle East also. It wasn’t exclusively a European Empire, as what this text makes it seem like.

    1. Since our very fist post, we have thus incorporated bits from North Africa (mainly Carthage) and into Asia Minor (areas around Constantinople). We hope you take a look, but like our title states the main focus is Rome’s influence upon Europe. Thanks for stopping by!

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