Ancient Roman Food – Feeding Soldiers, Gladiators, Plebs and Priests!

Welcome to Rome Across Europe!

When most people think of food from Ancient Rome there is a high likelihood that pasta comes to mind, and that makes sense since Italy produces the largest volume of pasta annually in the world (the USA is #2). The point is, however, that pasta as we know it today wasn’t around in Ancient Rome and really wasn’t in Italy until around 1154 AD.

Having said that, today we take a light-hearted look at some of the food of Ancient Rome (be certain to take it with a pinch of salt, and a gallon of garum)!

A table showing some of the common foods eaten by everyday Romans.

Whether you are a Legionnaire, Gladiator, Pleb or Priest, we’ve got something for you to enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed today’s visual exploration. Maybe you might even have been inspired to try to eat like a Roman (maybe not so much the garum though).

In any event…till next time, Don’t Stop Rome-ing!